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Serendipity and Sauvignon

What I did at 50… I’ve never thought, while grass-hoppering round careers, about ‘milestones.’ But 50 was a milestone. The directions we take are usually  influenced by those around us- plus a dollop of serendipity. I’m no different. At 10, I’d seen lots of doctors and decided

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Honour Byron’s Daughter and Get Writing!

When I was at school, history was male. Apart from Boadicea, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth 1 and Mary Queen of Scots. Oh, and Helen of Troy, though I think she was mentioned mainly because she was beautiful and launched a 1000 ships. In literature, I don’t recall

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Happiness is health- PHHA and FGGC!

#behappy #stayhappystayhealthy   #joy   #peaceofmind                                                                  I recently had to talk at a festival about

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