Indigestible Website Bot-Gibberish needs Digestives

My publishers said I’d need a website if I was going to be a proper author. Lots of people are clever enough to do it themselves, but I engaged a lovely chap to set mine up. Being somewhat haphazard in my techno expertise, I have him add

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Book Covers, Art & Millennial Pink

People have strong views on book covers. You can’t please everyone, but surely a cover has one main function- to sell a book? There are endless ‘top 10s’ of ‘great’ covers online: iconic covers, beautiful covers, striking covers and scary covers. But modern titles need to be

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Humankind, by Rutger Bergman- a Review

This book should be read by all politicians and CEOs. In his new book Humankind, Dutch popular historian Rutger Bregman’s basic premise is that If you want the best from people, believe in their innate, genetically-determined goodness and ability to organise themselves for the common good. He

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