A Game of Birds and Wolves

In our current difficult times it is easy to think we are hard done by – restricted in where we can go, who we can meet, anxious anything we touch might infect us with ‘Covid.’ But there are blessings. We may not be able to cuddle our

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Feathers, Inspiration & the Importance of Bryony Evans

My first signed book came from Paul Coelho, bought at my first ever author’s event. The evening is memorable for his wide smile and statement that, for him, the appearance of a white feather was auspicious: it was time to write a new book. With feather cushions

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Over the Moon, Climbing Everest & Reaching Sikkim

Being a published author is great- I’m over the moon to have a second novel out, but I never realised that publication is just the beginning. It’s a hard and rocky road finding readers, like climbing Everest only to discover no one will ever know you’ve done

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