Crime is Good For You

If you’ve never been to one, literary festivals sound grand, intellectual events where writers parade their cleverness, readers their erudition, publicists their phones and fans shamelessly stalk their heroes. If that’s your idea of a festival, you haven’t been to Bloody Scotland, the magnificent International Crime Writing

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Motives, Mantras and Malice: Reviews

Are reviews the pure vital force driving book sales? Or more like a Half-blood Prince, born of ‘self-interest’ out of ‘malice’ (often masquerading as erudition) slithering from shadows to wound authors’ souls? When buying a book, like many readers, I seek more than a publisher’s blurb, often

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Genus, Genre and Gender

Why do people write books? In my case, I wanted to entertain and leave a fictionalised snapshot of unrecorded contemporary history i.e. female medical students’ struggles in the sixties. But all the angst and editing comes to naught if books remain unread. To be found they must

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