Woke Words, Wellies & Unsung Heroes

If words have their moment in history, the ‘woke’ word of May 2020 must be ‘Hero.’ The NHS and care homes are full of heroes selflessly endangering themselves for us. With ‘woke’ becoming the new word for ‘being aware’ of current issues, especially discrimination, I have to

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Reptiles, Reading and Re-scheduled birthdays…

I have no idea how it happened, but suddenly, I’m to be a septuagenarian. Though it sounds more like a prehistoric reptile or religious cult member, even by referencing my wrinkles or past Presbyterian allegiance, I cannot escape the fact I have arrived at my biblically allotted

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Blessings, Bloodletting and Treacle

Distractions help us cope with Covid confinement. Clearing out can be therapeutic. Today, tidying my messy study I found distracting old photos and nostalgic toys – and a book I’d never read, a legacy from my 2002 Oxford anthropology sabbatical. ’In the Wake of The Plague by

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