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Feathers, Inspiration & the Importance of Bryony Evans

My first signed book came from Paul Coelho, bought at my first ever author’s event. The evening is memorable for his wide smile and statement that, for him, the appearance of a white feather was auspicious: it was time to write a new book. With feather cushions

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The World Stops? E.M. Forster was a genius

A Prophetic Vision of Covid life 2020 – Book Review of The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster Vashti has all that she needs in the world, living alone with an armchair and a reading desk. At the press of a button she receives food, music, literature, light,

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Woke Words, Wellies & Unsung Heroes

If words have their moment in history, the ‘woke’ word of May 2020 must be ‘Hero.’ The NHS and care homes are full of heroes selflessly endangering themselves for us. With ‘woke’ becoming the new word for ‘being aware’ of current issues, especially discrimination, I have to

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