Social media can do your head in…

#writing community #becauseofbooks #debutauthor #scottishauthors  #scottishfiction #mental health  #success Being a published author is great- I’m over the moon, but… I now realise that publication is the beginning of a hard and rocky road to find readers. It’s like climbing Everest only to discover no one will know you’ve

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The first of monthly ruminations (possibly rants) on modern life and medical matters.

#plasticfreepackaging   #healthandsafetyfirst  #plasticpollution Increasingly we read plastic is a hazard to the planet, choking landfill and defenceless sea creatures like turtles and shellfish. But where’s the coverage of the human Health and Safety dangers of plastic packaging? Shrink-wrapped, atmosphere-protected, pull-the-tab, tear-here packaging ‘re-sealable for your convenience.’

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