Genus, Genre and Gender

Why do people write books? In my case, I wanted to entertain and leave a fictionalised snapshot of unrecorded contemporary history i.e. female medical students’ struggles in the sixties. But all the angst and editing comes to naught if books remain unread. To be found they must

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Virginia, Veronika and Me

Virginia Wolff said a woman needed a room of her own to write. I have that, luckily. Paul Coelho needs to see a white feather before starting a new book (confessed to me in Glasgow as he signed my copy of Veronika Wants to Die ). Last

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Serendipity and Sauvignon

What I did at 50… I’ve never thought, while grass-hoppering round careers, about ‘milestones.’ But 50 was a milestone. The directions we take are usually  influenced by those around us- plus a dollop of serendipity. I’m no different. At 10, I’d seen lots of doctors and decided

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