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Bats, Snakes, and Boccaccio.

Fact is always stranger than fiction. Once upon a time there was a sick bat, who pooped on a fruit before being eaten by a hungry cobra. The cobra (or a pangolin that ate the fruit) ended up in a Wuhan fish and wild meat market where

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By 2020 it is estimated the Self-Help industry will be worth $13.2 million dollars. In 2019 Brits bought 3,000,000 self-help books, supposedly driven by political angst and the increased pressures of modern life and work. Unfortunately, evidence does not show these tomes made much difference to the

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Dymock, Bloomsbury, Inklings and Bars

The idea of a writer being ‘born in a cellar and living in a garret.’ was coined by English writer Samuel Foote in the 1700s. But from Socrates to the present, many writers do emerge from their garrets to congregate in groups. I wonder how many writers

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