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Over the Moon, Climbing Everest & Reaching Sikkim

Being a published author is great- I’m over the moon to have a second novel out, but I never realised that publication is just the beginning. It’s a hard and rocky road finding readers, like climbing Everest only to discover no one will ever know you’ve done

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Book Covers, Art & Millennial Pink

People have strong views on book covers. You can’t please everyone, but surely a cover has one main function- to sell a book? There are endless ‘top 10s’ of ‘great’ covers online: iconic covers, beautiful covers, striking covers and scary covers. But modern titles need to be

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Ten Things About Writing: Build Your Story, One Word at a Time by Joanne Harris

Seldom ever have I seen a more succinct, witty, insightful, and encouraging book to help writers! Before – and since – being published myself, I’ve procrastinated by reading many ‘advice’ books, some good, like Stephen King’s On Writing or Mittlemark and Newton’s How NOT to Write a Novel

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